Shared Print Repository - Working Groups

Shared Print Repository - Working Groups

Governing Board

Comprised of the Directors of Big Ten Academic Alliance partnering libraries, this Board will approve policies, membership fees, system development, service strategies, and the overall direction of the initiative.

Steering Committee

A subset of the partnering Library Directors, and the chairs of the various working groups as invited by the Directors, the Steering Committee oversees the work and progress of the Shared Print Repository.

Working Group on Collections (WGC)

The primary role for the WGC is to advise the Directors on bodies of print material that can be safely and cost effectively shared across a group of Big Ten Academic Alliance libraries. Specifically, the WGC was asked to develop both a framework for selection and a list of specific candidate titles that fall within that framework.

Working Group on Technical Services (WGTS)

The WGTS was asked to define a basic standard for records representing the Big Ten Academic Alliance-SPR holdings, and then to advise on how these records should be shared to enable discovery across Big Ten Academic Alliance libraries and beyond.

Working Group on Public and Access Services (WGPAS)

The WGPAS was tasked with developing guidelines for accessing CIC-SPR holdings, including terms and conditions for loans of physical volumes or scanned images; business models for extending access beyond Big Ten Academic Alliance universities; and policies that address lost or damaged volumes.