Shared Print Repository - Activities

Shared Print Repository - Activities

Activities to date have allowed the Big Ten Academic Alliance members to develop thoughtful, functional guidelines for selecting, moving, and processing materials from a number of libraries' local collections to one common location, without losing any of the access, findability, or reliability libraries require.

2018: Shared Collections, Locally and Nationally

  • Continuing to build the collection at Illinois while closing out the collection at Indiana
  • Working with other regional shared print programs to nurture shared journals collections nationally
  • Added the JRNL portal to foster member access to holdings and information

2017: Phase II Begins

  • Agreements signed to begin a second 250,000 volume collection, to be hosted at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUSP)
  • Collection building winds down at Indiana
  • Illinois begins committing on-site content for commitment
  • Holdings information updated in PAPR and CICme

2014-2017: Building the Collection
  • Ingested volumes into the Indiana University (IULSP) collection, totaling more than 6,000 titles.
  • The Collections Working Group scoped  ingest-eligible content beyond the major science journal publishers, including society publishers, other widely held, digitally accessible journals already on site, and the National Union Catalog.

2013: Collaborative Ingest Begins

  • First batch upload of Big Ten Academic Alliance-SPR records appeared in WorldCat under symbol IULSP
  • First transfer of content from a supplying institution to the Big Ten Academic Alliance-SPR facility
  • Small-scale pilot of gap-fill process
  • Policies for journals lending and technical specifications formalized
  • Specifications finalized for Big Ten Academic Alliance-SPR's OCLC Local Holdings Records. Indiana verified cataloging requirements and finalized instructions for partners to ensure consistent and transferable records

2012: Testing

  • Elsevier titles with widespread electronic access chosen as initial implementation set
  • Indiana University designates titles from its collection for the Big Ten Academic Alliance Shared Print Repository
  • Ohio State University agrees to partner with Indiana in testing phases

2011: Planning

  • Big Ten Academic Alliance Library Directors agreed to proceed with a project establishing a shared print repository
  • Planning proceeds on implementation; working groups established to guide Collections, Technical Services, and Public and Access Services
  • Indiana University‚Äôs new Auxiliary Library Facility selected as initial host location

2010 and Before:

  • Big Ten Academic Alliance Library Directors begin exploring paths to create shared print capability across CIC libraries
  • Indiana University begins participating in OCLC pilot project to develop metadata guidelines for shared print archiving