2024 IREP Application & Process Timeline

2024 IREP Application & Process Timeline

April 27, 2023

IREP Application open for 2024 IREP placement

June 16, 2023

IREP Application closes

September 2, 2023

 BTAA university deadline to identify CMI scholars for a research placement

September 16, 2023

BTAA informs applicants of their status

October 10, 2023

Deadline for IREP Applicants to accept placement offers

Fall 2023

IREP Placement Conversations occur between CMI scholar and individual BTAA University, specifically discussing research plans, dates of placement, etc.

Host University, working with the CMI Scholar's home university and the scholar, are responsible for executing and arranging all necessary paperwork and arrangements for the placement.

Spring or Summer 2024

IREP research experiences occur.