Women in Technology - Get Involved

Women in Technology - Get Involved

Want to get more involved in BTAA's WIT but not quite sure how? 

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Details about the different committees:

MENTORSHIP SUBCOMMITTEE - Co-chairs: Courtney Terry (Rutgers) and Flora Deng (Northwestern)

The Mentorship Subcommittee is responsible for designing, launching, promoting, and evaluating the BTAA WIT Mentorship Program. This entails soliciting mentorship applications from BTAA institutions, matching mentors, mentees, and/or peer coaches, facilitating a program kickoff meeting and check-ins, and maintaining survey data about the program. This group is also responsible for providing mentorship resources to the BTAA WIT community.

Time commitment: Once a month for one hour and additional working group sessions as the program gets closer to kickoff.

COFFEE CATCHUPS SUBCOMMITTEE - Chair: Jennifer Swaney (University of Michigan)

The Coffee Catchups Subcommittee organizes monthly Coffee Catchups on the third Wednesday of the month. Along with the Communications Subcommittee, they meet every quarter to plan coffee catchups and are responsible for advertising and communicating the events.

Time commitment: One-hour planning meeting once per quarter, 30-minute coffee catchup each month.

PROGRAMMING AND CONFERENCE SUBCOMMITTEE - Co-chairs: Mehrnaz Ahmadi Joobaneh (University of Wisconsin) and Nargas Oskui-Tabrizi (University of Michigan)

The Programming and Conference Subcommittee is tasked with putting together a half-day virtual conference (usually held in February) and scheduling annual get-togethers for the BTAA WIT Steering Committee and Local WIT Groups. The mini-conference programming includes: selecting speakers, preparing marketing and communications materials, training site hosts, and moderating the event. Also, the group will facilitate one get-together for the entire BTAA WIT and one social hour for the BTAA WIT Steering Committee each year. Exploration into potential in-person meetups would be welcome (at ongoing conferences/events).

Time commitment: Once a month for one hour and additional working group sessions as the mini-conference gets closer.


The Communications Subcommittee is tasked with communicating all BTAA WIT programming, events, and resources to the BTAA WIT community through the following channels: a monthly newsletter, the BTAA WIT website, the Teams channel, email lists, and local WIT groups. This group works across all subcommittees to coordinate promotional materials, maintain multiple contact lists for email distribution, and collaborate with Lori Frost (lori.frost@btaa.org) to update the BTAA WIT website as needed.