Traveling Scholar: Eligibility and Enrollment

Traveling Scholar: Eligibility and Enrollment

Traveling Scholar Program conditions of enrollment:

  • Students must be enrolled in a doctoral program at a Big Ten Academic Alliance institution or at the University of Chicago.

  • The student's home advisor and the host campus faculty contact must agree to allow the student to enroll in a course via the Traveling Scholar Program before the student submits the online application.

  • Traveling Scholars remain registered at their home universities, paying the regular fees charged when they are in residence.

  • Traveling Scholars must be registered at both institutions.

  • The host institution does not bill traveling Scholars for registration or fees; however, students must provide evidence of tuition paid to the home institution. Host universities provide access to libraries, laboratories, recreational facilities, housing, etc., on the same basis as they are made available to resident graduate students.

  • Traveling Scholars may be assessed fees for certain services or benefits.

  • Traveling Scholars may be required to secure their own health and medical coverage. Check with the appropriate Traveling Scholar campus contact for specifics.

  • Credit earned by Traveling Scholars is accepted at home universities for the equivalent level credit (undergraduate or graduate) upon receipt of grade reports or transcripts from the host university. Credit toward a degree, however, will be at the discretion of the home university or department.

  • Visits of Traveling Scholars may not exceed two semesters or three quarters regardless of the number of courses taken.

  • Traveling Scholars physically attend courses at another Big Ten Academic Alliance campus. This may require relocating to another community for the duration of the term of instruction.