In 2019, the Deans/University Librarians (ULs) of the Big Ten libraries signed a commitment to an interdependent future. The characteristics of this commitment included:

  • Joint pursuit of a purposeful strategy of institutional interdependence

  • Commitment to uniting the separate collections into one collection, shared and fully networked

  • Individual and collective investment in strategies to implement the necessary systems, policies, and services to realize this vision

  • Unanimous endorsement at the leadership level by the sitting Deans/ULs of all members

The Deans/ULs are co-equal partners committed to joining together in collective action to craft this future for the greater good of the alliance of BTAA universities. The goal is to embed the ideals of the BIG Collection through increasingly interdependent, integrated library portfolios and structures within BTAA institutions. In February 2023, the Deans/ULs articulated a lightweight framework and decision-making architecture to support the actions necessary to make this vision a reality. The aims of this framework are to help the member libraries achieve:

  • Increasingly interdependent, integrated library portfolios and structures 

  • Deepened trust and shared risk to achieve innovative, significant changes in our current practices

  • Increased ability to face an uncertain future by gaining strength and resilience as a collective.