Library Deans

The Deans/University Librarians (ULs) are co-equal partners committed to working through collective action to craft a future of interdependence for the Big Ten libraries by engaging in large scale investments and interdependent service development. As the stakeholder group for BTAA Library Initiatives, they are responsible for setting direction, assessing strategies, and moving the consortium forward in its goal of manifesting the BIG Collection. This multi-year evolution from loose collaborations to more strategic investment requires a robust process for governance and leadership that invites a diversity of perspectives to the executive leadership.

Library Deans Executive Committee*

The Deans/ULs delegate decision making to the Executive Committee in order to act with efficiency on behalf of the group. Meeting monthly, the Executive Committee takes action to forward strategic initiatives and tactical and routine matters as well as identifying topics needing to be elevated to the full group for consideration. 

Current members of the Executive Committee are:

Chair:  Damon Jaggars, Ohio State University

Vice Chair:  Beth McNeil, Purdue University

At-Large:  Diane Dallis, Indiana University

At-Large:  Neil Romanosky, Michigan State University