BTAA Shared Print Repositories 1 & 2 - Holdings

BTAA Shared Print Repositories 1 & 2 - Holdings

Currently, more than 6,000 titles are represented, in whole or in part, in the holdings of the Big Ten Academic Alliance-SPR. Comprising more than half a million volumes secured in two member-managed facilities, the SPR collections are actively stewarded and accessible for users. We have made a diligent effort to note which titles are fully complete, without any known gaps in coverage, to better inform retention decisions. 

Titles secured in the Big Ten Academic Alliance-SPR are indicated by title and ISSN in the spreadsheet available below. Because publishers may change during the life of a publication, titles are considered "fully secured" when the specified portion of the title (the range published under the given title and ISSN) are held in the repository without gaps. Earlier or later ranges of the same publication may not be fully represented. 

Additionally, holdings at the University of Illinois are registered in WorldCat and in the Print Archive Preservation Registry (PAPR).

Big Ten SPR1 Holdings - Indiana (Excel Spreadsheet) Jan 2023

Big Ten SPR2 Holdings - Illinois (Excel Spreadsheet) April 2024