The BIG Collection Project Structure

The BIG Collection Project Structure

Advancing the overarching goals of the BIG Collection will be a complex undertaking that will require significant investment of resources (both time and money) over a sustained period of time. The project leadership plan outlines portional commitments of staff time at each library as a way of equitably distributing that work among Big Ten libraries by dividing it into many smaller projects (as opposed to one very large “central” project, which would require significant up-front investment).

BIG Collection Steering Committee

The BIG Collection Steering Committee guides the Big Ten Academic Alliance in implementing successful infrastructure and policy leading to the creation and deployment of the BIG Collection. It acts as the umbrella for the initiative and executive steward of resources and strategy. The Steering Committee is responsible to the Library Directors and is the oversight group for the BIG Collection Action Cohort.

Under the leadership of the Director of Library Initiatives, the committee oversees and guides the strategy, direction, and resources for the BIG Collection to meet the objectives and aspirations stated by the University Librarians. Specifically, the team:

• Approves and stewards the long-term strategic roadmap
• Reviews and endorses budgets and resource allocation for the design projects
• Approves the project work cycles presented by the Action Cohort
• Ensures alignment of projects across the initiative by weighing relative priorities
• Recommends deviations from stated plans and objectives as needed to respond to emerging trends and campus situations
 • Liaises with the Library Directors’ group—providing them insight and advice on the projects
 • Ensures the design and build of the BIG Collection respects and advances the DEI values of our consortium and institutions


The members of the Steering Committee are expected to support the overall goals of the libraries to establish the BIG Collection; to serve as advocates for the project within their own cohort of Big Ten colleagues; and to actively cultivate and guide large scale strategic initiatives across universities and entities.

The committee is intentionally diverse with respect to the institutions, perspectives, and backgrounds of its members. The committee members will be leaders in their institutions and in the field. While not all institutions will be represented on the committee at any one time, the committee is intended to have an active rotation to encourage fresh perspectives and engagement. The members are chosen by the Director of Library Initiatives, in consultation with the Library Director liaisons to the committee.

FY 21-23 Steering Committee Members

Library Director Liaisons:

Consuella Askew (Rutgers University)

John Culshaw (University of Iowa

Lisa German (University of Minnesota)

Committee Members:

Emily Campbell (University of Michigan)*

Rachael Cohen (Indiana University)*

Victor Jones (University of Illinois)

Lee Konrad (University of Wisconsin)

Marian Leon (Big Ten Academic Alliance)

Kate McCready (Big Ten Academic Alliance)

Rebecca Richardson (Purdue University)

Karla Strieb (Big Ten Academic Alliance)

Lance Stuchell (University of Michigan)

Maurice York (Big Ten Academic Alliance)

*Names with a star represent continuity from the initial BIG Collection committees active in FY 20.