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myBTAA is an online collaboration space aimed at helping Big Ten Academic Alliance groups share, create, and become better informed of the broad collaborative activities of the Big Ten Academic Alliance in a secure, private environment. myBTAA is used by closed-membership groups and committees.

In a effort to enrich participation, the Big Ten Academic Alliance has migrated your Collaboration Sites to the Microsoft Teams platform. In Teams, team members can share files, notes and more all in one place, via either a browser, desktop or mobile app. There are many resources available to support Teams, including a BTAA Teams FAQ.

If you are a student looking for an online application form, please be aware that such information is not hosted in mybtaa, but rather elsewhere on our web site.  Please go back to the home page of the particular program or application you are interested in, and locate directions and links for filling out your application.

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Starting a new Big Ten Academic Alliance peer group:  If you wish to convene a group of your Big Ten Academic Alliance peers for best practice and information sharing, please contact the Big Ten Academic Alliance (info@btaa.org) for more information and guidance.

To issue statements or recommendations:  Only the Big Ten Academic Alliance Members (Provosts) may issue statements on behalf of the Big Ten Academic Alliance or issue recommendations to the campuses. Consult the policy that outlines guidelines for public statements.