Academy Owned Publishing

Academy Owned Publishing

The Academy Owned Scholarly Publishing initiative, led by Kate McCready, BTAA Visiting Program Officer, is working to explore the opportunities for collective action among university-based scholarly publishing programs within the BTAA. By strengthening our production systems for open access knowledge outputs (e.g., journals, monographs), this initiative advances the BTAA’s Big Collection’s work to unite the collections of the Big Ten university libraries and to achieve the primary goal of: “Any content, from anywhere, to anyone across the Big Ten….now and into the future.”

Academy Owned Scholarly Publishing Initiative Goal

Transform academic publishing and scholarly communication through:  

  • Providing leadership in the acquisition, publishing, and archiving of open access scholarly content, with a specific emphasis on investigating direction and strategy for developing shared publishing infrastructure and services at scale. 

  • Strengthening the Big Ten’s collective publishing capacity and discovery environment, while also coordinating attention to and investment in transformative and alternative publishing models. 

  • Investigate and outline a multifaceted, sustainable course of action to strengthen academy-owned publishing for the BTAA. 

Academy Owned Scholarly Publishing Pilot projects

BTAA Open Ebook Project

This project is charged with developing and branding the BTAA open access ebook collection: a 100-title ebook collection on the University of Michigan’s Fulcrum platform on the topic of Gender and Sexuality Studies. 

For more information and to get involved, please contact Kate McCready at