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Why should I participate? 

  • For bragging rights! You will be the Inaugural BTAA Data Viz Champ. The winner(s) will also get a Love Data Week branded Yeti Tumbler proclaiming them the winner(s).
  • It makes a great line on a resume. 

Can I collaborate on my presentation?  

  • Students can submit work that is the result of collaboration with another person, but both must be credited.
  • Faculty and staff should credit all who were involved as authors on the work. 
  • When collaborating, at least one person should be identified to present the work during the showcase. 

Are there minimum guidelines that must be incorporated into the work? Minimum guidelines include the types of visuals to use, data sources to use, or the number of visuals to use or not exceed.  
Any tool may be used (or a combination of tools). This is not limited to only Tableau or PowerBI.

  • Student Requirements:
    • Students must use the Lego Brick data source at a minimum. Students may supplement with additional publicly available data should they opt to do so.
    • Visualizations must be accessible via a link that requires no login at the time of the Challenge voting.  
  • Faculty/Staff Requirements: 
    • The viz be used to share information about the institution – be it the institution as a whole or a specific initiative/population. 
    • All submissions must follow the schools’ institutional data policies and guidelines (I.e, please do not submit a viz with Social Security Numbers or HIPAA information).  
    • Visualizations must be accessible via a link that requires no login at the time of the Challenge voting.

How is judging happening at the university level? 
Each institution will set its own guidelines for determining a viz to showcase in the Championship. 

I am part of a Medical Center at a university. Am I allowed to participate? 
Yes! We’d love for you to submit work, attend the Championship, and vote.  

Will the data behind my work be available to download? 
Please work with your university to ensure that data downloads are disabled.