SPP Groups

SPP Groups

The Big Ten library community contributes to the work of expanding the Shared Print Collection in many ways - through governance, working groups, and by engaging related groups in the Community Network of the BTAA Library Initiative.  Anyone working in a member library can join the SPP interest group list to receive regular updates and post to the community.

Shared Print Collection Interest Group 

Periodic updates on Shared Print Collection activity are distributed through an Interest Group Mailing List that is available to all member library employees. 

Visit https://bit.ly/btaa-spp to sign up.

Shared Print Program Committee 

A subgroup of the Library Deans of the Big Ten Academic Alliance, the committee meets regularly to offer guidance and leadership to advance the Shared Print Program.

Lisa Carter, University of Michigan
Lisa German, University of Minnesota
Claire Stewart, University of Illinois
Diane Dallis-Comentale, Indiana University

Gold Rush Implementation and Analysis Working Group 

The Working Group acts to implement a foundational instance of Gold Rush (the BTAA Collection Analysis Tool) reflecting the collective analog and digital collections of all BTAA member libraries. Once the tool is fully populated with member data, the group will provide initial analyses of the collective collection to support the efforts of the Shared Print Program Agreements and Practices Working Group, who will be developing agreements to govern initial distributed print commitments to the BTAA Shared Print Program.

SPP Agreements and Practices Working Group 

The Working Group will recommend the initial agreements that will define expectations for retention, persistence and access actions by member libraries for items committed to the BTAA Shared Print Program. These first agreements should be understood as a starting point in an ongoing, iterative process of scaling and enhancing the Program.

Gold Rush Member-designated Ingest Coordinators 

This ad hoc community is composed of the individuals designated by each member library to manage their submission of bibliographic metadata to the BTAA's Gold Rush instance. See the linked list to identify your ingest coordinator.  The group meets as needed to support metadata updating and ingests.