WindTunneling Conversations

WindTunneling Conversations

Welcome to the BIG Collection WindTunneling (WT) environment

WindTunneling is a purpose-built application that enables the Big Ten Academic Alliance library community to effectively share knowledge and learning across our organizations as we work together to create the BIG Collection. By participating in the many WT projects, you will be contributing your perspective and your voice to our ever growing Knowledge Commons and help shape the design of the BIG Collection.

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The element of conversation and listening--of inviting ideas and including voices from across our whole community--is a vital part of the social architecture we are creating and the culture of deep collaboration that is essential to our task of building a knowledge commons for the Big Ten. The WindTunneling projects are a continuation of the conversations we began at the convenings and we invite everyone who registered to participate and have their voices heard. 

The tool we are using is called WindTunneling, which is a principle-based tool designed to support a systemic approach to knowledge sharing.

The project consists of two parts:

  • Part One (Generating Ideas > Contribute) focuses on gathering your thoughts to a series of prompts.

  • Part Two (Generating Ideas > See Outcomes) allows you to review and respond to the ideas submitted by others in our group.

You may return to the project, and add new ideas, as often as you wish. Throughout the project, all contributions will be anonymous. We ask that you be candid and add as much detail as you feel is necessary. The project will be open for 10 days after the convening.

Instructions for how to participate are below. If you have problems logging in or navigating the tool, please reach out to Library Support.


To participate in the current WindTunneling project:

  1. Go to

  2. Select the “Login with SSO” button in the lower right corner of the screen - this will take you to the federated login, choose your home institution and you will login using your campus credentials.

  3. Click the "Join a New Project" button and enter the project code provided in the email invitation sent by Maurice York to join the WindTunneling conversation.

  4. You will be directed to the project landing page, and you can begin providing contributions.

  5. You can contribute under Generating Ideas > Contribute and review and respond to other ideas under Generating Ideas > See Outcomes.

To guide your participation, we’ve provided some examples. You can view these under “See Outcomes."