Search Committee Materials

Search Committee Materials

Faculty Hiring Committee Training

Big Ten Academic Alliance institutions seek to explore a scalable, systematic change to the university URM hiring culture through partnership with campus experts and actively engaging with academic departments. While many campuses have established training opportunities, PAI developed training videos as an additional resource that universities can use for faculty and staff that are serving as a faculty search committee chair or member, department heads, and administrators working with faculty search committees.

The PAI training videos for faculty hiring committees is a tool that coaches faculty members on becoming leaders in diversity hiring—that is, exposing search committees to resources regarding unconscious bias and the compelling benefits of having a diverse faculty. These resources are aimed at mitigating negative racial and ethnic biases and perceptions among those involved in the hiring process. The videos are intended to be used as part of an interactive workshop to engage faculty in discussion of situations during a faculty search where bias is often played out.

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Big Ten Academic Alliance PAI Directory

The Directory is designed to increase the visibility of postdoctoral scholars who bring diverse perspectives and experiences to higher education. The directory is promoted among hiring committees at Big Ten Academic Alliance member universities. The searchable, online database is a publicly accessible recruitment tool for any faculty search committee.

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